Give2Those relies on the commitment and dedication of our team and supporters to ensure that we fulfill our mission each and every day. With a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team is the backbone of  GIVE 2 THOSE.org.  Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about our incredible team members.

President & Founder Give2Those.org
President & Founder Give2Those.org

On April 15, 2013 the city of Boston came under attack when the vicious bombings occurred at the Boston Marathon finish line. Military men and women, many of whom have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, who were taking part in the marathon sprung into action to aid the wounded. They were seeing the carnage of war on the home front. Since that day Heather has rededicated her life to raising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder and honoring the sacrifices of Gold Star Families, while giving thanks to those currently serving, our Veterans and First Responders. 

Heather's deep faith has led her to her mission to honor the fallen, thank the living and never forget the families left behind. Heather's journey and through social media connection has brought me into contact in person and online with families of the fallen, veterans and military families across the country. Through these efforts, I have been able to directly help military families in crisis and help countless veterans struggling with the hidden wounds of war. 

One night in 2015, I woke up from a sound sleep and saw the vision uniting runners, ruckers/ walkers, cyclists and motorcycles together, where the  focus of event is to honor and remember the October 7th, 2001 deployment of our military men and women, those we have lost at war including those who lost their lives due to military PTSD and the Invisible Wounds of War, continue to support those currently serving, including our veterans, first responders and to never forget those who perished on 9/11. 

Her mission – to carry the fallen, thank the living and never forget the families left behind – makes an impact beyond the finish line.  We remain a nation at war and Heather, through her volunteerism, commitment and fortitude makes it her mission to make sure our Country Never Forgets!  

  President & Founder 


                                   JOE LEASTON
                       U.S  MARINE VETERAN   

Nicknamed during the 2018 relay as "Moto Joe" he brought a level of leadership to the forefront riding over 1,000 miles through all weather conditions day and night to complete the mission in honor of his fellow brothers and sisters. Not only is Joe a  Tactical Team Member but he has taken the lead on being the Operations Director of the Motorcycle Stages during Stride & Ride Relay. Joe is Experienced, trustworthy, fun and brings new ideas to the forefront.

Ingrid Centurion

                           INGRID CENTURION 
                              RETIRED VETERAN

                      CHIEF ACTION OFFICER  

Ingrid is a women of action who know's how to get results.  Ingrid served 22 years on active duty and is an Iraq War Veteran, retired LTC, Army Aviator, test pilot and instructor pilot.  She is passionate about honoring and remembering our fallen service members and raising the awareness of military suicide and law enforcement and first responder deaths.  When Heather explained her mission and purpose for organizing Vest Up and the Relay, Ingrid was 100% on board and wanted to be fully involved and soon became the Chief Action Officer of Stride & Ride. 


                        BILLY FISHER 

With us since our founding, Billy Fisher is one of our veteran team members. Billy bring their years of running experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed. Billy helps support and guide the strategy for all running stages. Oversees running groups who would like to get involved in Stride & Ride Inc. and is the acting as point-of-contact.



  Executive Secretary 

         Mid- Atlantic Chapter                        

Hi my name is Alane Lavelle.  I was born and raised in the New York / New Jersey area.  Since I can remember I have tried in many ways to honor the members of my family who have served in the military and first responders but could never really figure out a way to completely ‘give back’.  Then September 11, 2001 occurred and my deep love of our country and those who keep us safe every day took on new meaning. I’ve been searching for some time to find an organization that I can help give back to our military and first responders as well as their families while bringing awareness their needs especially the invisible wounds of war, both foreign and domestic. We need fight for awareness and get these brave men & women the help they need and deserve.  I want to honor all who serve and have served. To honor my family members who served and continue to serve.  I carry Sgt. Michael Ingram Jr., & Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan and their families who both served our country & paid the ultimate sacrifice

                         SUE DOHERTY